Immunisation Services

Immunisation Services

Immunization services in pediatric care are critical components of preventive healthcare, safeguarding children against a multitude of infectious diseases. These services encompass a range of vaccinations tailored to a child’s age, health status, and potential exposure risks. By administering vaccines according to recommended schedules, healthcare providers help bolster a child’s immune system, providing protection against illnesses like measles, polio, pertussis, and more.

Additionally, immunization services play a crucial role in community health, contributing to herd immunity and preventing the spread of contagious diseases. Through education, access to vaccines, and routine vaccination campaigns, pediatric immunization services serve as a cornerstone in promoting the well-being and long-term health of children worldwide.

All vaccines are available at

1. ISHA KIDS CLINIC Kamalapuri colony 

2. ETERNELLE Aesthetics Jubilee Hills 

3. KIMS Cuddles Kondapur*

*Admission facilities available at KIMS Cuddles, Kondapur